What ancient civilizations teach us about reality | Greg Anderson

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What ancient civilizations teach us about reality | Greg Anderson.

Original descriptionThe talk proposes that humans have always lived in a “pluriverse” of many different real worlds, not just in a universe of one. It also considers how this proposal might change the way we think about the human past, present, and the future. Greg loves to share his fascination with the many different worlds that humans have inhabited.

We europeans, specifically the english, screwed up the rest of the world since 1492 trough colonisation. We actually screwed up before, but just for ourselves. Colonisation unfortunately “globalized” the destruction not just of nature and the planet, but also the earth’s richness in human cultures and societies that did live in harmony with each other and with nature.

Industrial revolution worsened this by hundredfold and now the whole world is victim of this just one homogeneous, arrogant and stupid, fully materialist “life” model: family (Hollywood/Disney type), tv, car, house, money of course, “work”, consumption, stock-exchange and bank secrecy. All of this based on selfish individualism, an arrogant sense of superiority and indeed the total and absolute lack of humility. I think that last element is the core problem. In fact, ego.

Now, after the supposed Corona crisis and lockdown we should be moving towards a”new” normal. However, it seems like nothing else than going back to business as usual or worse, but then ‘enhanced’ with masks, social distancing, vaccines surveilance apps and 5G, driving us only farther from each other, from nature and from our own natural essence.

In reality, We are at a point where human society needs to move back to our true essence where we protect, take care of and restore rather than further destroy nature, climate and planet..

The paradigma should be turned around, instead of returning to growth in consumption, industry and economy we are at a point where we urgently need to shrink all of that. “Work” just to “earn” an individual living by simply producing ever more industrial products should shift to collective and shared efforts to clean up the mess we made over the last decades and restore nature. Here, there is more than enough to do for everybody and have living needs covered, although obviously outside the usual profit-obsessed mechanisms.
This would indeed be a NEW normal, call it a Clean or Green normal.

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