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The New Normal = New World Order
equal to:

  • live with masks untill vaccine is out
  • live with social distancing untill vaccine is out
  • first vaccine that officially complies with a limited set of criteria
    from profit oriented Big Pharma company will be ‘choosen’
    no matter it’s not tested for ‘long’ term (2 years, 5 years or a generation)
    no matter if it’s dangerous on any other criteria
  • you and your children will be obligated to vaccinete
    by the state
    or simply manipulated social pressure because:
    – kid cannot go to kindergarden, school or join ‘certain’ other children’s groups
    – you cannot go to certain bars, restaurants, public places or travel
    – general discrimination of non-vaccinated people
    – polarisation of local, national and global society
  • the pharmaceutical company will NEVER be held responsible
    if anything goes wrong on long or short term due to the Vaccine
    – autism
    – autoimmune sicknes
    – death
  • an app for continuous control
  • going back to destruction of nature and planet for the sake of industrial and economic “progress”
  • human race will end up consisting of 3 groups independent from race, nation or belief:
    the ruling 0,1% with 99% of wealth, resources and power
    the happy few (say, upper 10%) who earning enough to live a happy life and supports the 0,1%
    90% of people living in a situation of (secretly) controlled enslavement and controlled serving the happy minority
  • strong military and police forces to assure this will not explode
  • humanity will come to its end either through depletion of all the planet’s resources or
    your grandchildren’s

A Clean/Green World Order

  • reduction of corporate power
  • work to recover nature
  • egualitarian society
  • a renewed chance for evolution to continue

The Clean Normal

Instead of going back to destroying nature

  • Covid 19 and the destruction of nature
  • Lockdown and the destruction of nature
  • the new normal and the destruction of nature

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  • How many people more died because of Lockdown?
  • The greatest promoter and ‘spokesman’ for both the WHO and the farmaceutical industry Bill Gates
    What risk of ‘collateral damages’ for you or your child would be accepetable for you?
    1 in 1.000, 10.000, 100.000, million – no risk is acceptable
  • How acceptable producing company not liable?

Van Joris, zijn de vaccins

  • veilig
  • effectief
  • noodzakelijk
  • goede reputatie
  • onafhankelijk gecontroleerd


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