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Week 80 (-16) – 2020/02/28 see 2020 timeline
This Friday… unfortunately strike was not allowd because the Corona virus seems to be understood as a greater emergency than climate breakdown. In Italy the hype monopolized TV and news, had people empty the supermarkets and practically forced shops, bars and restaurants to close. Many of the smaller family-owned outlets may not survive this, which on a long term will only benefit the larger businesses and multinationals.

Fridays For Future Milano insists that the REAL emergency is the Climate! The world will need to act just as fast for the Cimate as for COVID-19.

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Meet & Greet Fridays For Future Milanoin Piazza
every single friday since 14 December 2018!
– in front of the Palazzo Marino City Hall of Milano on Piazza della Scala
– generally from 12:30 – 14:00
We will be happy with your visit! 🙂 ♥


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