For A2029

Get people Good Enough For Now: GEFN

  1. Registrare i primi 100 partecipanti con piccolo zoom-interview e farli mettere la sua domanda per far pensare (svegliare) alla gente.

Initial content, apply GEFN!!

  1. Human rights 4x
    page per right, rate each of them, or order by importance something?
  2. Julian Assange – Freedom of Speech
    Whistleblower statues (IT)
    Berlino, inaugurate le statue di Snowden, Assange e Manning
    google search
  3. Graphics: kometen e.d.

Initial questions GEFN!!

  • Do you think Agenda 2030 is for the good of humanity?
  • You will have nothing – will you be happy?
  • How happy does “smart” working/studying/socializing make you?
    (“smart” is from your computer or even smart-phone)
  • Smart cities
  • Smart society
  • Alexa
  • Internet of things
  • Internet of bodies
  • Ken je enig gezond persoon die dood is gegaan aan Covid?
  • Ken je enig gezond persoon die bijwerkingen heeft gehad van het vaccin?
  • Ken je enig 0ngevaccineerd persoon die “plotseling” overleden is?
  • Wat vind je van de uitvinder van de pcr test?
  • En de uitvinder van mRNA?
  • Hoe wakker vind je zelf dat je bent?
  • Waar werd je wakker door?
  • Wat doe je om anderen wakker te maken?¡


observers, participants, creators

  1. Free participating for EU people (follow, view)
  2. Then, pricing strategies for Creating/writing on 2029
    – free for first 100 (forever)
    – 10€ /year up to 1.000 (forever)
    – 05€ month up to 10.000 (forever)
  3. Half price in Bitcoin, then also other coins
  4. Access and participating for non EU
    – introduce one time fee? to have the data?
    – 10€ first 100 (nothing else)
    – then 10 €/ year (up to 1.000)
    – 5€/month (up to 10.000)

Brainstorm 01

  • Section Full Documentaries (The Big Reset, The New Normal, The Real Anthony Fauci, etc…)
    People can link to the full video or select chunks (clips) from it and build their own article(s) on top of that.
    Explain how to! (from-to times in Plextube)
  • Ever questions (poll/rating)
    1) Did you know this? – yes/no or maybe also “heard about it” and believed/not believed, important/not important
    2) What do you think of it – 5 answers + “other”
  • Timelines!
    The Plandemic roadmap(s) (micro, macro)
    – covid plandemic, restrictions, vaccine timeline
    – historic “pandemic” overview
    – US / supra national organizations power grab development (since WW2 or earlier?)
  • not Smart cities or Smart things, but Smart people!
  • 2029 referenties genereren, zoals bij tanken (voor 20,29 Euro!)


  • (y)our Great #FREEset!
  • #FreeAssange
    vooral voor (eerlijke) journalisten
    Ceterum censeo Assangem liberandum esse
    Furthermore I consider that Julian Assange should be set free.
  • #KeepCash
    Korting voor cash in HORECA etc. met ws en kaart
  • Civil Disobedience = Civil Disagreement
  • EU Transparency and honesty thus Democratie is weg (Varouf, Terhes…)

Categories and Sections?

  1. Priority attention points (the eleven)
  2. Maatschappelijke sectoren:
    1. Politiek
      – democratie (Varoufakis)
      – verkiezingen post plandemic
    2. Gerechtigheid
      – Human Rights + Neurenberg Code
      – Grondwetten
      – Gerechtelijke nonsense
    3. Medisch
      – Gezondheid ≠ Medicijngebruik
      – Moderne basics: voedsel, water…
    4. Massa-Communicatie
      – manipulatie
    5. more?
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