“Automated” edit button in WPUF form

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Just checking automated edit button 馃檪

Configuration of “Experiment Form

Still don’t understand why none the text fields appear on the from but not on the page itself….

which form is this again, because the “hardcoded” button does appear and work! 馃檪
experiment form 01 – ID = #180 – and it has

&nbsp; <hr /> <a href=”/edit/?pid=272“><img class=”alignright” src=”https://riccardo.is/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/edit-your-post-button-300×115.jpg” alt=”/edit/?pid=272” width=”108″ height=”40″ /></a>

as default value in post content


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Code added to functions.php


/* use 266 */
add_shortcode( 鈥榬eturn_post_id鈥, 鈥榯he_dramatist_return_post_id鈥 );

function the_dramatist_return_post_id() {
return get_the_ID();

with this code you can create the link to the edit page of each post like this:

  • https://riccardo.is/edit/?pid=266
    shortcode for getting the pid is: {return_post_id}
  • tried this link with WPUF link field, text field and area field, but does not appear

<p><a href=”/edit/?pid=272“>

<path d=”M617.8,203.4l175.8,175.8l-445,445L172.9,648.4L617.8,203.4z M927,161l-78.4-78.4c-30.3-30.3-79.5-30.3-109.9,0l-75.1,75.1 l175.8,175.8l87.6-87.6C950.5,222.4,950.5,184.5,927,161z M80.9,895.5c-3.2,14.4,9.8,27.3,24.2,23.8L301,871.8L125.3,696L80.9,895.5z”></path>


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