WPUF Front End posting AND editing!!

(this could be an example of an automated edit button,
but here it’s just part of the body-content)

WPUF could be truly great if it wasn’t for the ever missing EDIT button or even just a link only for the author on the posted (this) page itself.
Why was it announced in upgrade 3.4 if it’s not there? Where is the radio-button to activate the edit button in WPUF global or form settings – top, bottom or both, left/right – or even floating on the side?.


Since WPUF doesn’t help one needs to do workarounds.
(link to here from User Front End Posting)

you would need a link like this 
<a href=/dashboard/edit?pid={return_post_id]>EDIT</a>
atención! { = [

To  make it work one has to introduce this code in functions.php like:

/* START {return_post_id] */
add_shortcode( 'return_post_id', 'the_dramatist_return_post_id' );
function the_dramatist_return_post_id() {
return get_the_ID();
/* ----- END {return_post_id] ----- */

For legibility reasons the first “[” is substituted here by “{” {return_post_id]
otherwise you would in fact see the interpreted post-id like here: 5624

Then you put the link-code in the text-area field and you get the link or button on the public page.
Obviously it should only appear for the author of the blog/article and not for everybody as is the case with the above example.

Unfortunately however, the above solution is incompatible with the extremely useful redirection plugin, where it causes a “too many redirects” error. So to keep permalinks up to date you have to use some other redirect plugin…
This problem seems to have been overcome in later versions. Hopefully it doesn’t return.

edit link (just another tryout in the body text itself)

  • Why not have post status (specifically private) and comment options in the form editor for the creator to choose for himself? (or else what? create different forms for each option???)




WPUF problems (or is it me?)




Below the line an edit link appears, generated by custom code in textarea of WPUF form edit. But of course it should be an automated option (and obviously, only for the author but WPUF doesn’t seem take this in consideration).

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