a wiser world


I thought that, regardless of its true origins, the Corona Crisis had served as a wake-up call and could mean the end of an era. More importantly, I was hopeful that the lockdown had served as a period of reflection for all of us, individually, collectively and globally. I truly believed that that global society would wake up to the real priorities and essence of life and that humanity as a whole would emerge wiser from this experience.

However, as for now, it seems that a “new normal” as is practically being ‘promoted’ by main stream media, is actually about preparing global society for more restrictions and control within the short future. Only one sngle vision seems to be accepted and filtered while all dissenting points of view get silenced, filtered out or censored, including the dominant search engines, social media and video sites.

This goes against the one of the most important human rights, the freedom of speech, press and information.



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